Card Thief Beta

Card Thief is a solitaire style stealth game played with a deck of cards.
Designed by Tinytouchtales, drawn by Mexer, audio by Oliver Salkic.

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View changelog (1.2.18)

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Version 1.2.18

+ added: music and audio for contract related content
+ added: contract tweets
+ added: final thief cards
+ fixed: blind effect cancelled when attracted by noise arrow

Version 1.2.17

+ added: locked thief image
+ fixed: contract scene crash with no inet
+ fixed: double tapping issue in highscore board
+ fixed: chest image wrong in result screen

Version 1.2.16

+ added: new thief gfx
+ added: stolen goods
+ added: stolen goods collection

+ added: contract tweet
+ added: thief card in equipment screen
+ fixed: double tap issues on contract buttons

Version 1.2.13

+ added: new thief gfx
+ added: contract coin and chest

+ changed: selection arrows in contract screen behavior

+ fixed: android cloud save conflict
+ fixed: thief contracts doubled

Version 1.2.12

+ added: the hideout with 10 new thieves
+ added: replays for the daily game

+ changed: blinded enemies are always free
+ changed: rope arrows won't attract enemies
+ changed: owls can't be shadow stepped

Report bugs, give feedback

Make sure to reference the build number and do a small sanity check if anyone else reported the same issue already. If you can't post your issues here send them to beta@card-thief.com.