Card Thief Beta

Card Thief is a solitaire style stealth game played with a deck of cards.
Designed by Tinytouchtales, drawn by Mexer, audio by Oliver Salkic.

Beta sign up (First Round Closed)

Thanks for your overwhelming interest. The next slots will be available soon.

View changelog (1.0.10)

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Version 1.0.10

+ added: final game music, final sound tweaks
+ changed: screen sleep is on again
+ fixed: tap blocked after chest is moved to unlock slot
+ fixed: 3 dailys in a row won quest
+ fixed: rage poison exploit

Version 1.0.9

+ added: Table items and heist icon
+ added: equipment upgrade complete icon
+ added: first chest will always contain at least one insignia
+ added: button for all tutorials
+ added: disabled screen timeout in game
+ added: new ! and ? floater
+ added: android permission to hopefully fix the share image bug
+ changed: display of equipped cards in guild master screen
+ changed: noise arrow card effect
+ changed: tutorial text wording
+ changed: first two tutorial lessons have the message for confirming the path always shown
+ changed: removed level complete bird from tutorial
+ fixed: a few upgrade quests won't trigger
+ fixed: shadow step particles stay on board after equipment card use
+ fixed: a few upgrade quests won't trigger
+ fixed: double loading screen bug

Version 1.0.8

+ added: Final Map
+ added: Static guild master Anim in main scene
+ added: Daily Heist post graphic
+ added: Guild Master map button
+ added: Highscore Friends/Global icons
+ added: Final Guild Master Anims
+ added: Final Guild Master UI for Video Ads on Andoroid
+ added: Daily Heist Twitter Graphic
+ added: Final move and tooltip icons
+ added: Final equipment card effects
+ added: Final loading screen Anim
+ added: polish, polish, polish
+ changed: First game flow to tutorial.
+ changed: Card counter in game counts down 1 by 1
+ fixed: BlackJack effect stops on second use
+ fixed: Disarm 3 traps Quest not working
+ fixed: Upgrade lightbulbs not showing when all upgrades complete
+ fixed: double loading screen bug

Version 1.0.7

+ added: first Guildmaster animation test
+ added: guild master menu polish
+ added: more sound effects
+ changed: new thief bracer graphic
+ changed: trash loot card graphic
+ fixed: torch can become -1 when numbing poison and water arrow is combined
+ fixed: lighttrap activated shadow static image missing
+ fixed: chest open crash when equipment card is selected

Version 1.0.6

+ added: guards sight icon change into arrow when they will try to follow
+ added: more tutorial polish
+ added: thief animation when at 0 stealth
+ added: improved tooltips
+ added: card upgrades are now tied to quests
+ added: inventory cards can be swapped
+ added: final main menu graphics
+ added: final lessons menu graphics
+ added: final guild master UI graphics
+ added: trash loot and insignia cards are better distinguishable
+ added: guild master ui animations for chests and card unlocks
+ changed: if you replay a lesson it stops after the lesson is done
+ changed: daily locked until 10 chests are stolen
+ changed: menus appear faster
+ changed: thief moves along path even if the path leads to been captured
+ changed: inventory shows info for equipped cards
+ fixed: move confirm on thief without cards selected spawn new cards

+ fixed: typos

Version 1.0.5

+ added: chests will reward a treasure bonus. bonus equals chest value multiplied by path difficulty
+ added: first test for the equipment card effects
+ added: more tutorial information for chests, guards
+ added: final insignia graphics
+ changed: path confirmation only on thief card
+ changed: reward videos on android use heyzap
+ changed: new version built with Unity 5.5 - Android should be faster now
+ fixed: tooltips deselect cards
+ fixed: tooltips off screen
+ fixed: end game deck creation
+ fixed: first path confirmation in tutorial now works without removing the popup box

Version 1.0.4

+ added: ui feedback when you only select one card and try to move
+ added: display for the current path multiplier difficultly in top UI
+ added: final chest card illustrations
+ added: out of stealth ui improvement
+ added: tutorial now states exact way of the path increase mechanism (needs more work)
+ added: tutorial now say explicitly that you need to select 2 cards to move
+ added: final drop down menu graphics
+ added: button to go from result menu to guild master chest room
+ changed: traitor can't take treasure from you if you have none
+ changed: if you deselect a card that is not the first or last it will deselect all cards until this, not the card itself
+ changed: floater colors now belong to their respective card color code
+ changed: the path preview now changes all cards not only the ones that you can move to next
+ changed: chests start with 1 instead of 0
+ fixed: tutorial gets stuck after resuming from pause menu
+ fixed: you can get stuck in the equipment tutorial
+ fixed: tooltip of the thief card missing
+ fixed: crash in the chest unlock menu when tapping on an opened chest fast
+ fixed: achievement notification pops up more than once
+ fixed: high score menu close button overlaps with map close button
+ fixed: you can pass the stealth tutorial without picking the stealth card
+ fixed: using a tooltip when the thief moves crashes the game
+ fixed: john's exploit
+ fixed: sometimes tutorial cards don't get dealt
+ fixed: google play leaderboard issues

Report bugs, give feedback

Make sure to reference the build number and do a small sanity check if anyone else reported the same issue already. If you can't post your issues here send them to beta@card-thief.com.