Card Thief Beta

Card Thief is a solitaire style stealth game played with a deck of cards.
Designed by Tinytouchtales, drawn by Mexer, audio by Oliver Salkic.

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View changelog (1.1.8)

Check which issues have been fixed already.

Version 1.1.8

+ fixed: Double Icon

Version 1.1.7

+ fixed: Guild Master bubbles
+ fixed: video ads error in manifest
+ fixed: tooltip monkey tap crash
+ changed: daily button updates to highscores on application resume
+ changed: the way cards in the treasure tutorial are dealt
+ added: Video Ad error menu
+ added: lessons list saves last position

Version 1.1.6

+ fixed: ads debug screen

Version 1.1.5

+ changed: dealing of tutorial cards (treasure tutroial bug)
+ fixed: chest tracking
+ fixed: wording
+ fixed: unity ads display
+ added: google play login error description

Version 1.1.4

+ fixed: Map buttons unresponsive
+ fixed: tutorial unresponsive when pause menu is opened when cards are dealt
+ fixed: cloud save image null
+ fixed: guild master null reference when video ad has finished
+ fixed: blinded icon missing after save game load
+ changed: highscore flag color

Version 1.1.3

+ fixed: Android 6.0 and up overwrites cloud save with automatic backup and produces issues

Version 1.1.2

+ changed: increased insignia chances
+ changed: always start with cloak
+ fixed: floaters below cards
+ fixed: daily highscore sorting

Version 1.1

+ added: cloud save support
+ added: statistics menu
+ fixed: monkey tap pause menu
+ fixed: content length warnings for scroll lists
+ changed: allow bad moves when first card already ended the game

Report bugs, give feedback

Make sure to reference the build number and do a small sanity check if anyone else reported the same issue already. If you can't post your issues here send them to beta@card-thief.com.